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How it works

Get started with the platform in less than 60 minutes

1. Setup your account

Signup with the platform, We will create a dedicated instance of the software on cloud server with your own domain or subdomain name for your review. After successful installation and business branding software, Application link will be provided for review. You can go through the system and make a list of changes and modifications you want and send it to us.

2. Customize for your business

Customize the platform to reflect your business identity including your domain name and branding. You can configure your own business data and predined values which will be used in the platform. All the choose options in the platform are completely configurable. Setup the application the way your business works.

3. Integrate your website

Integrate all the application interface on your website so your customers will can signup, login and track easily. Integrate the system with website, mobile apps, online stores, web applications and much more. Website modules for Tracking, booking, lead management available in the platform to integrate. No coding knowledge required to link the modules on your website

4. Go live

Manage your complete logsitic flow at one place. Create multiple logins for users, agents, drivers to manage the shipments independently. Feel free to ask if any additional features required we are happy to add it on your application.

Get Started

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