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Say good bye to your papper works and excel sheets, Start using our logistic tracking software platforms and discover the easy way of managing your logistic business. We have software solutions for all kind of logistic businesses.


Courier Software Solutions

Courierscripts™ providing best Logistic and Courier tracking software solutions for Logistic, Courier, Shipping, Freight forwarding & Cargo services. Enable Tracking , booking options in your existing or new logistic website. Best logistic software solution from small startups to large enterprise. You can integrate the tracking modules and booking scripts on your website. The logistic and courier tracking software is very easy to setup and manage with powerfull administration. You can also integrate the tracking software with shopping websites to automate the process.


WATCH HOW IT WORKS logistic tracking software and courier tracking software


  • Online Tracking
  • Online Booking
  • Customized Reports
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shipment Management
  • Bulk Updates
  • Excel Import and Export
  • Shipment History
  • Multiple Branches
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Driver Assigning
  • Template Customization
  • Email Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Invoice Templates
  • Label Templates
  • Barcode Generation
  • Container Manifest
  • Runsheet Printing
  • Virtual Address
  • Pickup requests
  • Pre Alert requests
  • Ticketing Tool


Mobile App for Customers/Drivers

Android App package comes with the soltuion which is added advantage to increase your customer base. All the features available in the web pltaform for customers are replicated in the mobile application. Qucik signup page in the app will let your customer to register their account in one go. #Customer interface comes with Quick booking, Recent activities, Tracking shipments and more. #Driver interface shows assigned shipments, status update and POD signature upload functionalities. Built in signature drawing interface let your Drivers to collect customers signature upon delivery.

Logistics Software

What We Have?

Best solution for Logistic / Courier / Cargo / Freight / Shipping businesses

Customized Software

Let us customize your dedicated software instance to suit your business needs. We will customize the software based on your business modal.

Exclusive Modules

Impressive modules for Tracking, booking, shipping rate calculator etc. Integrate the modules into your website, no coding knowledge required.

Transparent Pricing

Software comes with transparent pricing terms. Our prices are very easy to understand. There's not any extra or hidden fee. You just pay for what you use.

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Here are the key features our platform offers for your business


Summary screen gives you the overall performance in one screen. You can qucikly navigate to all the account setup screens and mandatory configurations from the dashbaord. Manage your complete business from effective logistics software dashboard.

Online Booking

Creating Pickup request feature will be available for the end to end courier services providers. customers can book pickup easily with their saved addresses from their address book. All the requests created by the customers will be filtered into the request section for approval.

Online Tracking

Tracking shipment is one of the key factor in the logistic platform which endorse your identity in the market. Give a way to your clients to track their shipment online. Paste the Tracking snippet anywhere on your website to enable the feature.

Shipment Management

Ultimate goal of any software to reduce the manual work being done everyday. Yes we do the same when it comes to shipement updates, you can update multiple shipment at a time.


Just a click to pull out the reports for a week, month or year. You can save your data as excel at any time with just one click on our logistic software reports section.

Import / Export

Logistic Software flexible for small to large business by supporting multiple bulk shipment upload to the system from your excel,csv etc files.

Users and Permissions

There are multiple type of user roles available in the system. User managment section for all type users gives complete controll over users. Each user role can be controlled through the permissions wizard by setting correct permissions for your user roles.

Template Customization

Print your shipment invoice and labels as per your own unique business design. All the printing options and layouts in the system are configurable and customizable.

Payment Gateways

Add payment gateway on your account to allow your customers to pay their dues through online. All payment gateways are supported by the platform. For any payment gateway other than paypal required support ticket to integrate the payment gateway.

Shipment barcode

Barcode for your tracking number will be generated automatically based on your barcode encryption configuration. There are many barcode types available to choose from. The same will be printed in the shipment invoice and other places. Any USB supported barcode scanner can identify the tracking number to pull the shipment information.

Shipping Rates

Add your own shipping rates for predefined weight and origin, destination. This configured shipping rates are used to show rates on customer shipping calculator and fetching rates while adding new shipments. In order to featch accurate shipping rates make sure the values you choose to configure rates are matching with the values selected at the shipment creationn form.

Internal Messaging

Does your company need a telephone network to make quick business related enquiries? we have this sorted with our inbuilt internal chat system specially made for users. There is no plugins or 3rd party providers behind the chat system which gives more secure communication between your employees and customers.

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